Gill’s experience with “All-on-4” Dental Implants

Gill came to our practice because after years of dental neglect, she finally gave up and wanted to improve the appearance of her teeth. Not only did she not like the appearance of her teeth and made her stop smiling, but she found it very difficult to eat because she was missing a lot of back teeth. She tried wearing false teeth and found them very uncomfortable and they moved when she was eating and speaking. Gill lacked confidence and would never smile in photographs.

After a thorough consultation we decided that the best way forward was to remove the rest of her teeth and provide her with a full set of teeth anchored by dental implants.

We removed all of Gill’s teeth and placed the dental implants on the same visit. The teeth were anchored to the dental implants from the surgery visit to ensure she did not have to walk about without teeth at all.

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