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Dental Bridges and Crowns Stoke On Trent

CROWN or a ‘cap’ can be fitted over a tooth or dental implant to strengthen, repair and improve the appearance of an existing tooth. This can be made out of porcelain, silver or gold. All of our crowns are bespoke and tailored to fit in your mouth to ensure it will restore the best aesthetics and function. All our crowns and bridges offered at present are metal-free, however we also make traditional gold crowns if patient requests.


Normally a crown is provided if the tooth is so badly damaged that the tooth simply cannot be repaired by a filling only. We have many different types of materials available now, which produce crowns which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and also strong enough to produce a long lasting result.

Now with CEREC, we can take a digital impression; design, mill and fit your crown in the same visit.

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