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White Fillings Stoke On Trent

White fillings, otherwise known as composite resin fillings, are a popular choice amongst our patients in Stoke On Trent. Not only are they metal-free but they have properties to mimic the natural tooth structure which allow us to recreate the shade, texture and translucency of normal teeth.

Composite fillings are chemically bonded onto the tooth surface so the filling actually provides more support for the tooth. The extra support to the tooth means the tooth is less likely to fracture, which is very common with amalgam or silver fillings.

We commonly have patients who have their metal fillings (Amalgam silver filling ) replaced with white natural looking filling. The fillings look better cosmetically and should avoid staining the tooth black/grey.

White composite fillings also do not contain mercury, which is found in metal fillings. Mercury is toxic and we do not recommend placing amalgams during pregnancy or when you are breastfeeding.

We also use white fillings for COSMETIC BONDING, which use fine pieces of composite resin and this is bonded to change the shape of your teeth. We can use bonding as an alternative option instead of veneers or braces.

Dr Gary Wu has vast experience with cosmetic bonding and has been trained by world renowned dentists such as Dr Jason Smithson and Dr Newton Fahl who are both regarded as the most respectable dentists in this field of dentistry.


Benefits to you:

  • White fillings look better and feel like natural teeth
  • White fillings are bonded onto the tooth
  • White fillings do not conduct hot and cold
  • White fillings do not contain mercury
  • White fillings can be safely placed during pregnancy and breastfeeding

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