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Dental Payment Plans

Dentistry can be a significant investment as it will not only improve your appearance, which will help your confidence, but will help you function as well. Improving your confidence might just be the difference between your job application and also your next promotion. We understand that having quality dental treatment can be very costly and it can be very difficult to make a one-off payment. Therefore we have flexible payment plans to help make quality dentistry affordable. You can either make payments towards your treatment on a pay-as-you-go scheme by making payments per visit and then finish the last payment upon completion of treatment or you can consider applying for finance.


We offer both 0% APR or low interest finance to help you spread the cost of treatment over a period of time. 0% APR can be spread over a period of 12 months OR 7.9% APR of up to 36 months.

The Benefits To You

You Can Apply If…

Option 1

0% APR
There is a minimum transaction of £350 required with this option and payment terms range between 6 and 48 months.

Option 2

The minimum transaction for this option is £1,000 and payment terms range between 12 and 60 months.

Example (Treatment Value £1000)

Option 1 – Interest free 0% APR 12 monthly payments of £83
Option 2 7.9% APR 24 monthly payments of £45.06

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