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Teeth Whitening In Stoke On Trent

As a leading cosmetic dentist in Stoke-On-Trent and Staffordshire, we have performed thousands of professional teeth whitening procedures with excellent results. The products we provide are all EU compliant and are proven to be effective with little sensitivity. Professional Teeth whitening in Stoke On Trent, otherwise known as ‘bleaching’, is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatment available. Teeth can become discoloured or stained if you have bad habits such as drinking tea and coffee every day and from smoking. Also teeth naturally appear more yellow as you age.

Teeth Whitening is great if you want to remove deep stains from your teeth or get them back to their original shade. Teeth whitening treatments can give you an almost instantaneous boost and will make your teeth look younger, healthier and more radiant in a very short space of time. Unlike teeth whitening toothpastes, which do not whiten teeth, we are very confident our products will produce remarkable results.

Home Whitening

This is the oldest and also the best teeth whitening technique available. It is used by all dentists to produce reliable results with minimum side-effects such as sensitivity. Custom made tight fitting whitening trays are made to seal the whitening gel solution around your teeth and we supply you with whitening gels, containing hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, to perform this technique. The home teeth whitening method is very cost-effective as the dental trays can be reused over and over again to help you create and maintain that whiter, radiant smile and the refill syringes are inexpensive to purchase.

Laser Whitening/Power Whitening

We do not find laser whitening to be effective therefore this option has now been discontinued.

Internal Bleaching

This is a method we use to bleach the inside of root canal treated teeth. Typically these teeth can become grey or brownish looking after root canal treatment. By applying a whitening agent inside the tooth, we can reduce or even eliminate the discolouration.

Need an Appointment?


We would have to examine you first to check whether you are suitable for treatment. In this visit, we would also advise and discuss with you the whitening options as well.

Both methods are successful at whitening your teeth, however it will depend on how long you are exposed to the whitening agent.

The HOME BLEACHING method using the custom teeth whitening trays we provide you with more whitening gels therefore you will see a much better result and value for money.

The POWER BLEACHING LASER WHITENING you are only exposed for up to 50 minutes on the chair so to have the same results as the HOME BLEACHING method, you may require to have the procedure repeated 2-5 times for the same result.

You may experience some sensitivity from the treatment, however this is normally temporary. The sensitivity will subside a few days after you have stopped.

No the chemicals will not damage your teeth. The pH has been regulated to be safe in the mouth

Yes you can! Although the result will be better if you avoid those products.

Teeth Whitening will NOT whiten your fillings, veneers or crownwork. If you want to whiten them then you may consider replacing your fillings AFTER you have whitened them .

We would recommend patients to see a hygienist first to remove all the staining. Our hygienist has access to an air abrasion kit, which removes the toughest stains in the tightest of areas.

We would recommend patients to see a hygienist first to remove all the staining. Our hygienist has access to an air abrasion kit, which removes the toughest stains in the tightest of areas.

Regular size (3 syringes) £259                    Max size (6 syringes) £309                   Additional syringes only £20 each

It is essential that your teeth and gums are assessed before you undergo any whitening procedures. By law, a dentist needs to prescribe the whitening treatment therefore it is illegal for any other person to authorise this procedure. Teeth Whitening carries out by non-dental professionals is illegal and should be reported.

The General Dental Council (GDC) have successfully prosecuted a beautician for conducting Tooth Whitening (April 2011).

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