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Dentures and False Teeth Stoke On Trent

We have a bespoke denture and false teeth fitting service in Stoke On Trent to help replace your missing teeth. These dentures are custom made to fit your mouth only to ensure you have a well fitting and comfortable set of new teeth. The teeth are carefully selected and we take your feedback to ensure you get the aesthetics you want.

If you have a set of worn or loose or ill fitting dentures then look no further because we may have a solution for you. Over time, your jaw or gums may shrink and cause your dentures to feel loose and also the plastic teeth may wear with time. If your teeth are loose and move when you’re eating or speaking then it might be time for a new set of teeth. Sometimes old loose dentures can be relined with acrylic liner to tighten your loose dentures and make them fit better.

We make both partial and full dentures in acrylic and metal frames.

We also make overdentures for dental implants. For more information regarding dental implants >Read Here

Dentures repair service

We are more than happy to have a look at your dentures if you are in need of an emergency repair to your false teeth. Our turnover time for repairs is less than 48 hours and we have emergency appointments available on a daily basis.

Our repair services include:

  • bonding cracks and fractures
  • tooth or multiple teeth addition to existing old dentures
  • replacement of broken or cracked flanges
  • addition of a metal clasp or hook
  • reline service to tighten loose dentures


For other options on replacing missing teeth please follow this link…..

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