Same day CEREC crowns

New teeth with no waiting!

It used to be that a crown took several weeks to make, from molds of your teeth, in a dental laboratory. This meant multiple visits to the dentist and the necessity for you to wear inferior, temporary crowns while you waited. No more!

CEREC crowns are made from high quality ceramic materials in under an hour, without the need for impressions to be created first. This groundbreaking technology means that you can have new teeth completed in one visit to the clinic.

Same day CEREC crowns, veneers and more

CEREC uses computer aided design technology (CAD) to produce any kind of tooth restoration in a very short time. Porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays can all be created in around an hour. That means no waiting, no need for a second appointment and no need to opt for unsightly metal fillings if you develop a cavity.

The CAD technology used in this process does far more than just add speed. Using the Smile Design Feature we are able to take photographs of your face and use those images to design the smile you want.

You can choose the length, shape and size of your teeth then, wonderfully, you can walk out of the surgery later that day with the smile you designed! CEREC crowns and veneers really are a revelation for lots of people.

Same day implants using CEREC crowns

As well as crowns and veneers, it is now also possible to visit Kidsgrove and walk out the same day with an entire set of new teeth!

Dental implants use remarkable technology. They enable us to remove failing teeth, insert metal implants into the jaw and then build a fixed bridge onto those implants. Now, this entire treatment can be carried out in one day, with minimal discomfort and barely even any swelling!

Same day implants mean that you don’t have to leave the dental surgery without teeth at any point. That means no need for uncomfortable dentures and waiting periods.

If you want to take advantage of same day implants the planning process is all-important. You will therefore be required to visit the dentist before your treatment for diagnosis and planning.

CEREC Crowns exclusive to Kidsgrove

We are one of very few dental practices in the area able to offer the benefits of CEREC crowns. If you think you could benefit from them please book a consultation.

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