Fruit Smoothies-Good Or Bad For My Teeth?

Fruit smoothies can be a delicious way to deliver your 5-a-day when you’re on the go. By combining several fruits, you can create a recipe jam packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins, whilst keeping you hydrated as well. This is obviously perceived to be great for those looking for a healthy diet, However, when there is the good, there is the bad…..

How much do we know about the fruit smoothie and what can be do to avoid damages?

Sugar content

Fruits contain natural sugars, which is why they taste sweet. When fruits are broken down in a smoothie, the sugars are released to create a concentrated sugary drink. Sugar is a known ingredient to cause tooth decay.

Also if you buy smoothies that are pre-made then manufacturers may add sugar just to improve the taste.

Acid content

Fruits are naturally acidic and this can cause the enamel to soften, which will increase wear and may lead to sensivity.

What shall I do?

In life, too much is bad for you so drink smoothies in moderation. There are other ideas you may adopt to reduce the damaging effects.

  • Make your own smoothie so there is no added sugar and also you can adjust the sweetness by diluting with water
  • Drink through a straw to avoid contacting your teeth
  • Reduce the frequency of drinking it. You are better to consume it quickly rather than safe it for later.
  • Enjoy it with a meal. If you have food to eat, you automatically produce saliva, which helps to neutralise any acids. The fruit acids and sugars can be removed by saliva.

For more information regarding the care of your teeth, please ask your dentist.

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