Scared of the dentist?

The benefits of IV sedation dentistry

As you might imagine, we meet lots of patients who are scared of the dentist. The severity of their feelings can range from mild nervousness to complete dental phobia. We understand, we sympathise and we can help.

Our aim is always to make patients feel as safe and comfortable as possible while under our care and that is why we have a range of methods that we are able to employ. For the most severe of cases, we have a great tool at our disposal, which makes us an ideal dentist for nervous patients – IV sedation dentistry.

What is IV sedation dentistry

IV sedation doesn’t knock you out. If you’re scared of the dentist then that might, initially, sound like a downside but it really isn’t. What it does do, is relax you so much that you are not scared of the dentist any more, without having the impact on your body that general anaesthetic does.

IV sedation elicits a deep sense of relaxation. It has been compared, fairly frequently, to feeling pleasantly drunk! In this state of relaxation you are very unlikely to be bothered at all by what is happening to you and, due to its amnesic effect, you are also likely to forget the procedure almost entirely afterwards!

IV sedation dentistry has a very high level of acceptance amongst patients – meaning that it works well and completely, almost across the board – and it is long lasting. It can leave you groggy, so you will need someone to escort you home following the procedure, but if this isn’t possible then we can consider inhalation sedation as a possible alternative.

Kidsgrove – an ideal dentist for nervous patients

Not all dentists in the area offer IV sedation, or indeed inhalation sedation. In fact, we often accept referrals from other dentists in the area unable to offer sedatives to patents scared of the dentist.

Kidsgrove’s Dr Gary Wu has over a decade of experience treating patients under sedation and has treated over 500 people using the methods that we currently offer, so you couldn’t be in safer hands than you will be here, with all of the members of our experienced and well trained staff.

Being scared of the dentist doesn’t have to be a block to good oral health. If you are feeling apprehensive and would like to know more about our sedation options please contact the centre.

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