The journey to a six month smile

Six Month cosmetic braces system is by far our most popular invisible braces option. This treatment uses innovative new technology to gently straighten teeth in an average time of just six months.

The braces used are incredibly discreet and required for around one quarter of the time it takes to straighten teeth using traditional braces.

Cosmetic dentistry at its best

The Six Month Smile system is a form of cosmetic dentistry. It works so quickly because it focuses on only the teeth that show when you smile.

It doesn’t attempt to make significant changes to your bite but simply acts on the core areas that will help you to have the attractive smile you have always wanted.

Though classed as cosmetic dentistry is is not purely cosmetic. The Six Month Smile treatment can correct overbites and underbites, crookedness, spacing and overjets. This fast acting treatment could have you feeling more comfortable and confident about your smile in just six months.

The Six Month Brace Process

As with every dental procedure, your process to a Six Month Brace begins with a consultation.

During your initial appointment we will check your teeth, determine what you need and whether you are a viable candidate for this form of cosmetic dentistry and, assuming you are, we can work out a payment plan for you and schedule your treatment.

Next we will fit your braces. Six Month Smile braces use clear brackets and tooth coloured wires so, while there is no such thing as 100% invisible braces, these are amongst the most discreet options you will find.

Your dentist will monitor your progress, during the course of your treatment and when your braces come off you will be supplied with a retainer and a teeth whitening kit, to help you make the most of your new smile.

What else makes the Six Month Brace so great?

The Six Month Brace treatment put only a low amount of force on your teeth. As a result it is safer and more comfortable than traditional braces.

No extractions are required and, of course, it takes a lot less time to see results than it does from other orthodontic procedures. As a result – great news – it costs less too!

If you think you could benefit from Six Month cosmetic braces system book your consultation.

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