Top 6 risks to your oral health from smoking

Here are the main reasons why you should stop smoking as it may affect your oral health

Gum disease

This is a serious problem and can result in the loss of teeth if not managed correctly. Nicotine in tobacco, narrows the blood flow of your gums, and reduces its ability to fight infection in the gums. Smoking can cause a dry mouth which, in turn, often leads to an increase in harmful bacteria in the mouth. Over time, this can damage the gums and bone in which your teeth are held.

Infection healing

Smoking narrows the tiny arteries in the gum, slowing down blood flow to this area. This can cause minor abrasions etc, of the gum, to heal more slowly, potentially leading to infections.

Receding gums

Infections that are not healed sufficiently can lead to your gums receding. Not only does this mean that your teeth look longer, but also exposes the less protected dentin part of your tooth. This softer material is then at a greater risk of decay as it is not protected by the harder enamel that the rest of your tooth is. Increased sensitivity can also result.

Oral cancers

This is the most serious risk of all, which can even prove to be fatal. Smoking (and heavy drinking) are both well known causes of this particular type of cancer. Whilst our leading Stoke-On-Trent dentists will always monitor your mouth during your six monthly check ups, and recommend you see a doctor if we are concerned, it is far better to stop smoking and thereby minimise the risk.


Not the most dangerous problem that smoking can cause, but one that may well lose you a few friends. No one likes to stand close in conversation with someone with smelly breath, and smoking means that this may well happen to you.

Yellow teeth

Aside from any discolouration caused by other means, it is almost certain that if you smoke to any extent, you will find that your teeth become quite yellow, or even brown in the case of heavy smokers.

We believe in preventative care for our Stoke-On-Trent patients, and, in addition to good cleaning and regular professional dental care, we believe that stopping smoking is one of the best things that you can do to improve your oral and overall health.

To discuss smoking and the effect it can have on your oral health, with our dental hygienist, please call Kidsgrove Dental & Implant Centre on 01782782520.

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