The truth about teeth whitening

Over recent years there has been a surge in cosmetic treatments, particularly teeth whitening with more and more people wanting that hollywood smile right here in Stoke On Trent. However, there are many people who would love to have their teeth whitened but are afraid of the procedure and the symptoms, rightly so, given the many horror stories that circulate and the phrase ‘bleaching’ which immediately rings alarm bells! Kidsgrove are here to debunk any myths and give you the truths and tips on teeth whitening, from what the procedure involves to who should perform this treatment and who is suitable for teeth whitening.

What does professional teeth whitening at Kidsgrove involve?

Ultimately, teeth whitening is bleaching but it is not as scary as it may sound as you are in safe hands here at Kidsgrove Dental and Implant Centre in Stoke On Trent. Teeth whitening involves removing deep stains caused by drinking tea and coffee and smoking instantly! You can expect to see your teeth more radiant and stain-free from your first treatment depending on which method is used..  

Professional teeth whitening

Kidsgrove dental and Implant Centre use two methods of teeth whitening:

  • Home whitening
  • Laser whitening/power whitening.

Home whitening is a popular choice as it works its magic all in the comfort of your own home. It is also cost effective, convenient and has little side effects. Power whitening has overtook laser whitening due to the instant results you get after 50 minutes! This method of teeth whitening is not recommended for long term use. Teeth whitening is perfectly safe and chemicals will not damage your teeth as long as it is administered professionally. With both treatments you will experience minor, temporary sensitivity which is all worth it when you see the amazing results!

Who should perform my teeth whitening treatment in Stoke On Trent?

Professional teeth whitening should only be administered by dental professionals, as in order to protect your teeth and gums it has to be determined whether you are suitable for this kind of treatment. It is actually illegal for non-dental specialists to perform teeth whitening. To avoid any teeth whitening disasters make sure that next time you visit your beautician for a nail appointment you are not lured into their two for one offers on teeth whitening!   

Who is suitable for professional teeth whitening treatment?

Before you have your heart set on those pearly whites it is important to have a thorough examination of the condition of your teeth and gums by a certified dental professional. If you have existing gum or teeth problems it is not advised that you have your teeth whitened as it can exacerbate the problem. You can talk to our friendly and professional team about any questions or concerns you may have by booking a consultation.

Teeth whitening by trusted professionals

Kidsgrove Dental and Implant Centre are reputable and trusted cosmetic dentists in Stoke On Trent who put the care of their patients before anything else. Visit our testimonials page to see how we have changed the lives of many patients. We want you to feel secure and comfortable in making your decision to have teeth whitening, so take a look at our teeth whitening page where all your questions are answered. You should now be well informed on teeth whitening and we have hopefully made you less concerned about this treatment. Make sure your teeth are whitened by the best private cosmetic dentists in Stoke On Trent. Give us a call on 01782 782520 to make your first step to that Hollywood smile!  

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