No matter how well you brush your teeth, there is always going to be areas where your toothbrush cannot reach. You could potentially be leaving bits of food, staining or plaque behind and this will usually accumulate to form tartar. All this contains loads of harmful bacteria and can cause gum disease.

What is a scale and polish

scale and polish involves using specialised equipment to provide a deeper clean of your teeth and gums. Not only will we remove tartar, plaque and bacteria, but we also flush the gums with water full of oxygen. The electric scaler uses ultrasonic energy to vibrate away the tartar at high speed. Once the teeth are clean, we use some polish to smooth away the rough bits and remove any residual staining that are present.

Does the scale and polish hurt?

No, the scale and polish should not hurt. However you may feel some strange tingling sensations or even scraping sensations. Local anaesthetic can be provided if you suffer from sensitivity. If you are nervous, then please speak to our receptionist beforehand and they will let the hygienist know.

How often should I see the hygienist?

We normally recommend at least every 6 months, however some patients who are at higher risk of gum disease should see the hygienist every 3 months.

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