Dermal fillers in Stoke On Trent

In recent years there has been a rise in dermal fillers and the demand is growing and growing. With this phenomena it is easy for this type of procedure to go wrong if it is in the wrong hands. With a high demand for people wanting that youthful, plumped look whether it be lip filler, cheek filler or anti-wrinkle treatment, there will be people taking advantage of this profitable industry without taking the strict care regime for patients which is paramount. Kidsgrove Dental and Implant Centre are here to give you all the knowledge you need if you are thinking about facial aesthetic treatment in Stoke On Trent.

We take you through who should perform this treatment, what the procedure involves and the different types of facial aesthetic treatment. We want you to have that perfect smile and youthful look whilst being safe and healthy.

The phenomena of dermal fillers – who should perform this treatment?

You may have taken to instagram to find a dermal filler practitioner, to which you will find hundreds of accounts claiming to give you that plump look that you desire, but who are the trusted professionals in the midst of this phenomena? What you need to be looking for are dental professionals. Dentists are experts in the physiology and structure of the face, therefore, who better to alter the physiology of the face than experts in this field?

Although, the facial aesthetics industry is not properly regulated yet meaning beauticians and those who are not medical professionals can administer dermal fillers. This has often led to the horror stories that you may have heard or seen with people having serious side effects from the aftermath of having facial aesthetic treatment by unqualified practitioners.

This is sadly an all too common problem which is why we suggest taking the time and precautions to find a reputable and qualified practitioner with a clean, medical environment such as Kidsgrove Dental and Implant Centre. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have called for a ban on non-medical professionals performing facial aesthetic treatment, but until this happens we suggest visiting our surgery if you are considering having dermal fillers in Stoke On Trent.

Kidsgrove’s dermal fillers in Stoke On Trent

Dermal fillers are a revolutionary treatment and you should feel confident in your decision to have this treatment. If done properly it can boost your confidence, reduce wrinkles and reshape and rejuvenate your face. You are in safe hands at Kidsgrove Dental and Implant Centre as Dr Gary Wu is an expert in this field. We use Botox and collagen to achieve the results you desire. Our botox treatment is great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and for other issues that you would not expect such as excessive sweating and migraines, take a look at how Botox could help you over on our website. Our dermal filler treatment can be used to plump cheeks and lips and create definition of the lips.

What does facial aesthetic treatment involve?

Facial aesthetic treatment is non surgical and a local anesthetic can be offered. It is relatively painless although you may experience slight discomfort. The treatment is administered using small injections and the practitioner may massage the area. We will make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

The benefits of having dermal filler and anti-wrinkle treatment at Kidsgrove

  • We are experts in this field and perform this treatment on a daily basis.
  • We are reputable and certified professional facial aesthetic practitioners.
  • All of our facial aesthetic treatments are affordable – take a look at our price list.
  • You are in safe hands as we have a safe and hygienic medical environment.
  • We take extra care of our patients.

Choose Kidsgrove Dental and Implant Centre for your dermal fillers in Stoke On Trent

If you are reading this blog post you have taken the rights steps to ensuring that you are choosing the right practitioner to carry out your lip filler treatment, anti-wrinkle treatment or other facial aesthetic treatment. We have done the research for you, now it is time to book a consultation with our experts. Get in touch today on 01782 782 520 to get that plump, youthful look!

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